Buy These Goddess Macha Clips First

Newbie slaves often feel overwhelmed by the over 120 clips Goddess Macha has produced & has for sale at – so here is a list of the clips you should start with if you are new to female domination, female supremacy, financial domination, being a financial submissive, or serving a superior Woman.

  1. Your New Mantra
  2. Eat It Because I Want You To
  3. Cuck, Suck Bull’s Cock For Me
  4. Pay Me Not To Expose Your Tiny Dick
  5. Lock All Small Cocks, Forever!
  6. Women Are Superior To Men
  7. Cuckold Story Time: Part Five
  8. Female Supremacy Explained
  9. Dominated By My Knee High Socks
  10. Louboutins & Fishnets Mindfuck

There are literally over a hundred other clips on Goddess Macha’s clip site & you can search them based on category, just find your fetish & binge. Plus, if you can’t find exactly the clip you are looking for, you can order a custom clip from Goddess Macha for you to stroke to, forever.

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